We put your donations to work by educating people on the continuation of life after physical death, metaphysics, healing techniques, and spiritual advancement; maintaining our building and grounds; promoting COLISC in the community; supporting outreach services such as Southwest Indian Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Feed My People food pantry, and Shoe man project.

$15 / year to enjoy the benefits of being a member in good standing.

I am so happy and grateful to provide this monthly contribution to Circle of Light.

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Monthly Giving

Support our church with a donation to help us provide you with an open and welcoming spiritual service and center.

Name your price $ (min $5.00)

Support COLISC

If you wish to donate towards a specific purpose, here's the place to do it.  Examples:  purchasing certain books for the library; to buy extra items for the food pantry;…

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Each year we have an event where a number of message bearers volunteer their time to provide information from spirit in a variety of modalities.  They also donate their services…

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