Format of Service

Circle of Light meets every Sunday night inside the Garden of Life Spiritual Center.
10553377_806359929420134_2905494441635621874_n Doors open by 5:30pm and Service begins at 5:45 pm with quiet energy work.
Everyone gets a message from spirit!
Different guided meditation inspired from spirit each week

All are welcome! You are invited to join us.


  • Service begins at 5:45pm every Sunday except holidays (please check calendar).
  • The opening prayer is given.
  • Everyone says the prayer for peace.
  • Everyone speaks the 10 principles of Spiritualism.
  • An inspired talk is given by a clergy member.
  • The offering box is passed around. The box, and everything following it, are passed to the left to follow the path of the sun. Other opportunities to give are noted.
  • The crystal globe is passed around. The purpose of this is to offer healing thoughts and energy to Mother Earth.
  • The prayer request sheets are passed around so that attendees can write the names of loved ones, both past and present who may be in need of extra healing.
  • The prayer for healing is spoken by everyone.
  • Community announcements are told.
  • A prayer over the offerings is given.
  • While these are being passed around, messages are given.
    • Each message bearer has a familiar hymn or song that the congregation will sing to help raise the vibration and bring.
    • Message bearers will then reach into the basket of billets, or slips of paper attendees wrote their names on, and pick a single paper.
    • The message bearer will then give the message to that individual.
    • Once the message bearer completes all of their messages, they cut the cords of connection.
  • Once messages are completed, there is a small time in which those who do not wish to participate in the meditation may recuse themselves.
  • The meditation for the night then begins. This usually lasts 10-20 minutes.
  • After the meditation, the closing prayer is given.
  • Everyone then gathers into a circle and sings the closing song. Many hug after this!

What are messages?

For more information on this, please peruse this website! It is not mandatory to ask for a message when you attend service, but messages you may hear that are meant for others may also have meaning for you as well, so whether you participate or not, it is wise to pay attention to what is being shared with others to increase your own spiritual growth and to understand how clairvoyant messages work, especially in context of Circle of Light.