Business Meeting Minutes 10/2/16

Opening prayer by Rev. William @8:10 PM.

Attending:  Jae, Storm, Rev. William, Tim, Katie, Heather, Rev. Bill, Kat

Rev. Bill took minutes.

Rev. William read minutes of previous meeting.  Motion to approve as read made by Rev. Bill; seconded by Storm.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 10998.04

Checking – 12196.41

Received $250 donation from Monsanto or someone from Monsanto.

Committee Reports:

Tech – Katie was archiving video footage before getting the new computer.

Motion to accept Kat’s bid for making our website made by Rev. William, seconded by Jae. Passed.

Rev. William revealed new church phone (# 314-717-4349) and tablet.

Tech committee meeting set for 10/15 @3:30P at church.

Events:  Katie scheduled a grand opening planning meeting but no one came; therefore nothing is planned.  Much discussion ensued.

Tim asks if we should allow more time per person, or have more message bearers.  Decided that this was a question for next year.  Discussion ensued.

Rev. William scheduled a “training” for the All Message service for 10/16 @5P.

Tim proposes a meeting after this year’s AMS is done to start planning next year’s.  There will be future meetings.

Heather moves that AMS continues as planned this year; seconded by Tim.  Passed.

Old Business:

Tabled until next month.

New Business:

Tabled until next month.

Items from the Floor:

Tim wants to do meditations; what approval does he need, if any?

Adjourned 10:15P.

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