Business Meeting Minutes 10/7/18

Opening prayer by Rev. William @7:12PM.

Minutes from last meeting read by Rev. Karen.  Motion to pass as read made by Mel; seconded by Karen McFerran.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

checking – $3741.50

savings – $664.29

October rent is paid, but the credit card still needs to be paid.

Committee Reports:

Events – rummage sale a success; made $500.

Shaman’s Journey – need foods to help ground afterwards.  Karen M. will bring cheese/crackers; Rev. William will buy fruit.

Gifts from Spirit (All Message Service) – Tom will be the MC.  Sherry volunteers to be a greeter and take money.  Brooke and Mary will be runners.

Communion – Karen M. will take the offering to Mom.  Need people to hold the bread and wine/juice.  The reverends will do the blessings.

Solstice Dinner – need a signup sheet to be ready by next meeting.

Tech – people still having trouble getting on the website.

Old Business:

FB poll results – keep time as is.

We made a vision board and it’s awesome.

Decided on a tri-fold brochure.

New Business:

William received a Thrivent action box.  It contains thank you cards and invitation cards (which we may use to bring people to an anniversary celebration), as well as t-shirts we can use for Spirit Fest, rummage sale – any casual occasion.

Items From the Floor:

Karen M. will contact Pagan Picnic organizers about getting an informational table.  Mel has a table we can use, and we can share with Pathways.


1/6 – earth releasing ceremony

1/13 – oil anointing ceremony

1/20 – Rev. Karen – mantras for Saraswati

1/27 – Goddess Menea

Explored how we can stop having communication problems with Harmony Fellowship.

Motion to adjourn made by Karen M.; seconded by Rev. Karen. Passed.  Closing prayer @8:15PM.

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