5.6.18 Business Meeting

5.6.18 Business Meeting


Opening Prayer by Rev. William at 7:11 PM.


Committee Reports
Treasurer: We have money and paid off credit card.  (Actual data not available.)

Old Business


DC talked about t-shirt order difficulties and ordering options


New Business


July 7-Holistic Fair
Setup at 10 AM, start at Noon.  Talked about having a labyrinth, weather permitting.  


September 22-Sharing the Harvest Sale

Percentage of sales could go to Southwest Indian Fund
Setup 21st.
Signs at Pathways and around the church neighborhood.

Post event on Facebook

If people want to sell things that will help the church that would be great.

Talked about offering tarot card readings and reiki sessions.


Items From the Floor

August Meditations

5-William “Solitude”

12-Karen “TBA

19-De Quita “The Power of Friendship”


Motion to adjourn made made by Karen, seconded by Tom at 7:56 PM

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